​​​As the son of a jazz musician, growing up could be chaotic or calm.  I was introduced to musicians of all types and their world of recording studios and jazz clubs.  I slept in fine hotels in New York City, in our car in a Cleveland parking garage, and at home, hearing late-night jam sessions in our living room 


Just as jazz uses abstractions of melody, I was drawn to the abstract in my art.  Since childhood, I quietly noticed and studied the details of color, texture, and the play of light on objects, while experiencing how music could influence emotions.


Each work represents my interpretation of the colors, textures and shapes of our physical world rearranged.  I hope that my artwork captures the emotional chaos and calm of life for the viewer.


2014     Scope International

                 Contemporary Art Show

​             New York, New York

2015     Scope International

             Contemporary Art Show

             Miami, Florida


2017      Recycle 2017

              Brooklyn Waterfront Artist's                           Coalition's national juried show.

              Brooklyn, New York